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We founded Mindset to challenge the training industry. Our aim has always been to make a difference that is noticed and felt. With the best for our clients in mind, we have proven that quality training can have lasting effects. This is our way of making the world a better place. Organization by organization. Person by person.

The story of Mindset

Our first wobbly steps

From the beginning, we knew that we would build a multinational, respected and innovative training company. With large scale and practically applied training initiatives, we wanted to create measurable results with our clients. Simultaneously, we wanted to create the workplace that we always dreamed of.

Surviving and getting established

We got to experience the ups and downs of the market in 2001-2004, when the training industry had its worst years in a long time. Mindset came out on the other side even stronger, and we were even more determined to succeed. In 2008, it had been 10 years and we could exhale for a short while before it was time to shift into a higher gear.

Using technology as leverage

Now it was time to dive into the question of how to measure the benefits of training. We started looking for the answer to how digitalization could advance the development of our core business – training. From this, Promote was born in 2011. In 2012, our method of training was transformed.

Celebrating 20 years!

In 2018, we celebrated our 20 year anniversary. And as icing on the cake, we won not one, but two Golds in the Excellence in Leadership Development category at the Brandon Hall Excellent Awards for our leadership programs with Scania and PEAB.
  1. 1998
  2. 2008
  3. 2011
  4. 2018


Mindset is an organization where we put people first. This includes both our customers and our employees. From the very beginning, our goal has been to create a working environment where people are happy, have fun and want to stay.

We have five core values that dictate not just how we treat and interact with our colleagues, but also how we are with our participants, customers and others we encounter each and every day.

Courage I Responsibility I Desire I Drive I Thoughtfulness

These five words describe a Mindsetter.

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