Work at Mindset

Mindset is one of Sweden’s leading companies in leadership development. As an employee at Mindset, you work closely with development-oriented organizations in both the private and public sectors, which value human interaction. Most of our clients are among the largest companies in the Nordic region, while others are on their way there. We engage in long-term collaborations with them, where you get to witness both successes and challenges.

You participate in the ongoing process of identifying challenges and how we can solve them together.

At Mindset, we have the experience and knowledge that makes us leaders in leadership development. We don’t expect you to be perfect from the start, but we do expect everyone working with us to strive to do their best and to continue to grow, so we can remain at the forefront of developing our clients.

We’re not just looking for…

… individuals with the right qualifications on paper; we also aim for diversity in backgrounds and characteristics when hiring new team members. Our operation thrives when we share perspectives across different ages, personalities, backgrounds, experiences, and worldviews.

In addition to good leadership and a strong corporate culture, we also offer:

  • Competence development
  • Internal career paths
  • International networks and partnerships
  • Achievements (and celebrating successes!)
  • Satisfied employees and satisfied customers
  • Effective internal communication and transparent information
  • An inspiring corporate atmosphere where curiosity, initiative, and ambition are encouraged.

In the group, we have 120 employees and offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Johannesburg, Vienna, Porto Alegre, and Berlin. We are continuously growing and, therefore, seeking individuals who enjoy challenges and development.