Ami Hemviken, Speaker

“My ten years of experience as a Mindset consultant gave me the experience I needed to succeed as a speaker and win the Speaker of the Year award.”

"It's what you do, not what you think, that matters"

Ami Hemviken worked as a communication consultant at Mindset and was one of the creators of our apricated communication trainings.

“Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter what you know or what you want to say if you can’t communicate it. We have to realize that people can’t read our minds. When we learn how to express ourselves in a better way, then we can make a difference.”

Communication is one of the best tools in leading people, doing business and managing projects. Ami’s lectures and her first book focus on conscious communication, and how this can help in creating a more positive and enjoyable work environment. In her upcoming book, she explores various types of work-related communication, such as interacting in meetings, giving and receiving feedback, giving presentations and small talk.

The new book will be released in December 2019!
Read more about her first book here.


Case Ami Hemviken