Customer Review: Anders Berge, Head of People and Organisation at Peab

“Mindset has the ability to really hear our needs and the desire to continuously improve all our trainings.”


Mindset and Peab, a price-winning leadership development initiative

Why are you satisfied with Mindset as a partner in leadership training?

This is leadership training with a high degree of relevance. What I mean by this is that it’s possible to practice immediately when you get back to work. Mindset keeps the training at a practical and pragmatic level the whole time. That means from defining what the need is, designing the training, executing it and follow-up. Everything connects back to the daily lives of the participants: pre-training assignments, manager involvement, and that the participants come to the training with three examples from their work life, which they can work with, train on, practice between modules and then report on at the next training day.

Why is leadership so important?

We need to operate on a regional level within the large company’s structure and opportunities for synergies. Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our success, to a large degree. We need to preserve the regional differences and at the same time, work with what is best to have throughout the entire organization. In this way, we can help our strong regional personalities lead pragmatically, we can create a common language and we can create a way to lead Peab.

Having Mindset as a partner in this area means that we always have someone helping us with this and that strengthens us in our daily work.

Why did you choose Mindset?

The long-term view – there’s a genuine interest and a desire to help us be better at leading ourselves, the departments and even the business itself. Together, we’re finding areas of improvement and from there, we find tasks and activities for the training. Mindset has the ability to really hear our needs and the desire to continuously improve all our trainings. Another factor is that Peab, with values like being down to earth and practical, is a “no-bullshit” company and Mindset is too. Together, we work with what is important in order to improve and not anything else.

It’s important for us to see a long-term ROI on our investment. We want to create a solid foundation for an approach to lead Peab. This means creating a common language, working with our core values and ensuring that we are living in alignment with those values. Also, we work with how, in addition to leadership, we can add what each of the manager levels needs to better drive the business forward. Mindset helps us with all of this as well. Having a partner like this in an investment that affects almost everyone in our organization is very valuable.

Four different levels of leadership – the strategy here is the same for everyone. Why?

We have managers at four different levels within Peab, and they are located in different regions throughout the Nordic countries. The challenge is to create a common approach to lead Peab. The best way to do this is by using the same suppliers and basic foundation for all the four levels. Leadership is fundamental, and if you don’t understand the basics, you won’t make it.

When everyone goes through the same basic training, we can create a common language for all the leaders in the entire company. What do we gain with this? The biggest benefit is a common language, thereby increasing the understanding that we have for each other. This is what’s needed to unify whatever a large organization like ours needs to have in common across all departments and regions.

What do you see as the foundation of strong leadership?

Clarity – in terms of where the organization is heading, goals and status along the way, as well as feedback on the right things.
Communication – both as a tool for clarity and motivation as well as a tool when this doesn’t work.

How do you do this at Peab?

By continuously working at it in different ways, always looking at our values. It is extremely important that whatever we’re working on gives some kind of concrete value in daily life, that it creates long-term effects in the direction we’re striving for and that it gives continuity in the form of how we lead at Peab.

Perhaps the most important indicator of how satisfied employees are is eNPS (i.e. to what degree employees recommend their employer to friends and family). We rate at 13%, while the Swedish industry average is 8%. We are convinced that this difference is tied to strong leadership. Among other things, this has led to us being the best in the industry right now.