Customer Review: Henrik Jonth, Sales Manager Swedol

”Mindset has, in an exceptional way, offered a high level of service, both in giving feedback and responding to issues during the training sessions.”


“We wanted to invest in our sales people’s development.”

Swedol wanted to develop their sales team, so that they became even more structured, businesslike and confident in “taking the next step” and creating a more holistic customer solution.

Swedol was founded in 1963 and has a clear vision of being a company that offers quality goods and services, in a simple and professional manner. Swedol’s sales are mainly focused on small and medium-sized companies within transport, construction and engineering.

Henrik Jonth, sales manager at Swedol, first got in touch with Mindset by email.

“On two separate occasions, in the last few years, we have invested in our sales people regarding sales and business acumen. We work towards B2B companies, where product knowledge, structure and business acumen are very important, in order to succeed. Many sales people you have met over the years have no problem talking to “Joe on the shop floor” but a little harder to “take the next step up” to Joes manager who has budget responsibility for larger purchasing decisions.”

Our primary challenge was to get our salespeople to become even more structured, businesslike and then feel safe enough to “take the next step” in getting an overall agreement with the customer.”

Together with Swedol, Mindset designed and implemented two different program designs, where the focus of the training efforts was adapted to daily sales work – The sales people then return from their training with usable skills and tools, including goal clarity for each customer meeting.

Under the second sales training program, the Promote® program support was used to drive the development forward, towards the desired behaviours and performance goals.

By using the program support, both Mindsets trainers and Swedol’s sales management were able to continuously monitor progress and support the sales people between the instructor-led training sessions. When two-thirds of the program was completed (end of August 2015), the sales people had completed 597 home assignments; home tasks specifically designed for Swedol in order to drive sales forward and create desired results.

“Our salespeople are very pleased with Mindsets trainings. I can warmly recommend Mindset as a partner if you want your salespeople to grow both professionally and personally. ”- Henrik Jonth


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