Case Study: Jens Ahlstrand, Executive Support Manager & Interim HR Manager at Visma Spcs

“Now we’re connecting all of our efforts to our leadership philosophy. This common thread is what we work with in our leadership development with Mindset. Today, we have stronger, clearer and more confident leaders who are leading their teams with finesse.”

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“It’s through our leaders that we can create engagement throughout the entire organization.”

Would you like to briefly describe how our work together began?

Leadership has always played a big role in our organization and we’ve always had many good leaders. But there was a clarity that was missing. Coordination, a common direction – we didn’t have a unified view of what leadership at Visma Spcs was. We were facing an organizational change, and we then realized that strong leadership was a key to achieve what we wanted.

The work started with us asking ourselves what was necessary to provide our leaders with in relation to the change process we were facing and what we wanted to achieve. After that, we needed to find out who genuinely wanted to be with us in this process. This was the starting point of the development we needed to do.


Why was it that you chose Mindset?

“We didn’t just want training; we needed to create behavioral change.”

We saw in front of us a long-term plan in a partnership. There was a desire to work together to increase the faith we had in our leaders, and then getting the behavioral change we needed. It was then that we started looking for a partner who we wanted to work with and found Mindset. We chose you as a partner predominantly because of how engaged you were with us from the beginning.

Mindset was careful in choosing consultants who matched our culture. There was a clear focus on leadership and a shared view of what leadership is – it’s a craft in leading people.

One of our decision makers had also taken a public course with you in Presentation Technique. In that course, she got acquainted with your use of combining classroom training with the digital learning system you use, Promote. We saw a lot of benefits with the idea of training before, during and after a course and really liked that concept. We understood pretty quickly that Mindset doesn’t just deliver a course, they deliver sustainable learning.

That experience led also to our own insight of not simply wanting a course or training. What we needed was to create behavioral change in our organization.

The digital platform also played a big role in making it possible for our leaders to be able to share their knowledge and skills with other leaders. Through training, we want to build a learning leader community.


Why is leadership so importation for your company?

Because it’s through the leaders that we can create engagement throughout the entire organization.

Like many other companies, we know that as an employee, we choose a leader – a leader to follow and be inspired by. It’s good leadership that gets employees to stay. Good leadership makes our company attractive, it attracts talent, and it makes our star employees want to stay with us.

Leaders are extremely important for the development of our organization. Leaders are the ones who show us the way and create the movement we need in the right direction. This is what drives us forward and creates engagement. Goals and strategies are broken down in the ‘how’.


What results have you gotten from the leadership training?

“We’ve created courageous leaders who dare to believe in what they are doing and who dare to be clear in what they want and where we’re going.”

Working with Mindset has given us a clarity and direction of a common view of what leadership is at Visma Spcs. Clarity for all of the leaders and managers, but also for all of our employees. During the process with our leadership program, we’ve been very transparent with the content and the development that our leaders will go through. This has created a curiosity in the organization, and it has also given our leaders the opportunity to actually “train” their leadership skills.

With a clear leadership philosophy, “passion, courage & trust”, we’ve created a starting point for what we see as successful behavior for leaders in our organization. Together with Mindset, we’ve gotten a clear picture of our needs and goals when we designed our leadership training. The training is an important part of making the leader profile dynamic and in strengthening the behaviors that we want. It was uniformity that we wanted and in the latest employee questionnaire, we have the highest possible rating for all of our leaders in the organization

To continue this process with leadership is extremely important for us. It doesn’t work to do one training and then to think that it’s complete. As a leader at Visma Spcs, you should be happy to be a leader and should have a passion for the craft.

With our work with Mindset, we’ve been able to build a platform for our leadership at Visma Spcs. Using this as a foundation and a focus on creating an environment of sharing knowledge and experience, developing and supporting each other, we have, as a company, created a forum for our leaders to meet in. Now we link all of our training initiatives to our leadership philosophy and the common thread we have in our leadership development together with Mindset. Today, we have stronger, clearer and more confident leaders who lead with finesse.


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