Give your Managers and employees the right tools to work virtually

Virtual courses

We are now experiencing a time where working remotely is the “new normal” which gives leadership and support a new level of value. At Mindset we believe it is important that all Managers and employees have the right tools to succeed in their profession as well as get the results you and your organization want to achieve. We recommend these five following courses to all of you who are, or have employees, working remotely and are using digital tools to enable your work.Each course is 3 hours 100% online and we are ready to provide it within your organization:

  • Run effective virtual meetings
  • Remote Leadership
  • Virtual selling – How to succeed
  • Team development with DiSC®
  • Self-leadership – Aiming for maximum Effect

Run effective virtual meetings

Virtual meetings – how can we increase accessibility and efficiency with regard to sustainability?
If we learn how to we use the technology, ourselves and the participants correctly, virtual meetings can become both profitable and productive way of working. We help you improve your virtual meetings, saving
costs, time and the environment.

Remote Leadership

Your leadership is affected when you lead from a distance, but it doesn’t change fundamentally. However,you now have a totally different environment to lead your business/group, build relationships, trust and achieve results. This requires you to adapt your communication and leadership tools. Leading from a distance creates both challenges and opportunities for you as a leader to be present, accessible and direct to your employees.

Virtual selling – How to succeed

An interactive online training to get your sales team ready for virtual selling! (Selling via videolink instead of real meeting)

Why is this important?

  • The Corona virus prevents sellers from visiting customers
  • Time is even more valuable and could be used more efficiently
  • Sales are crucial to an optimal cash flow during a slowdown in economic activity
  • Customer care during these times is crucial – Not least in preparation for when the crisis is over
  • Many salespeople are reluctant or unsure of how to use the tools available today
  • Whenever conditions change, new opportunities always emerge, make sure you are taking the advantage of the change

Team development with DiSC®

Give your employees and management colleagues an opportunity to achieve increased productivity and improved results by developing the ability to communicate more efficiently with each other using DiSC®. The model consists of four basic preferred styles of behaviour and communication which makes it easy to remember and use when interacting with people, whether at work or at home.

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Give your Managers and employees the right tools to work virtually