Leadership training that drives engagement

How we do it

Leadership drives engagement. It is, by far, the single largest predictor of organizational commitment. The cycle is clear: higher engagement leads to higher commitment, which then leads to higher growth, profitability and more satisfied customers.

We start with the end in mind


We help you see both the gaps and the successes to maintain in your organization – identifying the areas where you can be even better. In this way, we make sure we’re right on target when designing the trainings.


We create training programs aligned to the learning needs in your organization. We deliver a well-designed learning journey that will support your leadership development goals.


We go beyond knowledge, we create effective learning, training people to use their new skills in their everyday life.


We measure and evaluate all our training, to make sure that your organization got the results you strived for.
  1. Define
  2. Design
  3. Run
  4. Measure


Engagement affects business results. Leadership drives engagement. We create leadership training that gives leaders what they need to increase engagement.

This is how we’re organized so that we can deliver. With us, the difference lies in:

  • Full-time consultants –  in this way, we create uniformity in our delivery when many consultants are training in parallel.
  • Online support with our learning transfer platform Promote, which allows for an extended learning experience as well as follow-up.
  • How we design and measure our training initiatives with support from research in order to ensure that we are achieving the results we had decided on together.

“For us, it's clear that the customers who are active from the beginning, who want to make a difference and take their leadership development to a new level, they are the ones who get the best results."

Jonas Hedin, Founding partner at Mindset

It works

Brandon Hall

Since 2018 Mindset has been awarded 5 Brand Hall Gold awards, 6 Silver and 5 bronze for our excellent development programs in both sales training and leadership development at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards. These award has been awarded to us for our work with clients such as Atlas Copco, Scania, Peab and Traton.

Impact Study

Impact studies by the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute reveal Promote’s learning technology platform (used in Mindsets leadership trainings), when embedded with a high impact methodology, drive a learning to performance improvement culture.

High Performance Learning Journeys

Our methodology is a result of 20+ years of experience and research-based practices. We create High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ’s) when designing our trainings. HPLJ is a methodology based on more than 30 years of research on how to increase the impact of training on workplace performance.

Kirkpatrick Certification

Mindset is also the only gold certified Kirkpatrick Model training provider in Scandinavia. The model is an evaluation method that measures the full degree of the targeted outcomes.

Awards & Certifications

Gold Excellence in Leadership Development 2022


Gold Certified Kirkpatrick Professionals


High Performance Learning Journeys Certified Professionals


Dagens Industri MästarGasell 2019



How we do it