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Results from different researches all show that leadership drive engagement. In fact, leadership is the single largest influence on the commitment in an organization. The chain of value is clear, great leadership drive engagement, a higher level of commitment gives increased business results, growth, profitability and more satisfied customers. We help you to create engaged leaders.

Leadership training that drives engagement

We Define, Design,
Run and Measure
Leadership Development

Mindset defines, designs, runs and measures leadership development. Based on your strategy and needs, we create unique trainings that improve your engagement over time. We make sure that your leaders work with your strategy to create business value.

Engaged leaders drive
your entire organization


Mindset works with companies whose challenge is to create understanding and engagement with some type of change. This can be achieving a concrete goal, establishing a new culture or providing the power behind a chosen strategy. Through our customized trainings, we can give leaders and managers the tools they need to create the engagement and required behavioral change in your organization.

"The education is adapted to what we, together with Mindset, have defined as success factors in everyday business. All our leaders get the same training. One of the upsides of this is that we create a common language around leadership. Thanks to this, we see that leaders and employees within the organization take responsibility and dare to make the necessary decisions, which creates results."

Martin Malmvik, CEO Axel Johnson International

Examples of
tailor-made trainings


  • Management Team development
  • Managers who leads other managers
  • Leadership program middle management
  • Lead as a Teamleader
  • New as a manager
  • Leading as a non manager
  • Talant program
  • Leadership program – Retail
  • Leadership program – Lean
  • Practical Leadership
  • Coaching for managers
  • Onboarding for managers


A single leader can influence at a personal level. But a team of leaders can influence the course of an entire organization.
This is the sort of motivated leadership that aligns manager decisions with company culture and business strategy, and the effects of more and more people choosing to do more right every day.

We create leaders
that drive results

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