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The challenge: Only 15% of participants (1 of 6) who participate in a corporate training course use their new knowledge at work. They contribute positively to results. 4 of 6 want and try to use their new knowledge, but despite strong internal motivation, fall back into their old patterns of behavior. 1 of 6 doesn’t even bother trying. Let's not mince words - the training industry could really use a kick in the pants...

Effective training

All training is a form of accelerated learning that aims to get you where you want - quickly and without fail. Effective training makes the most of your time, feels meaningful and makes you more competent. There are a variety of training methods to meet all your needs in different ways. By following the latest research available on adult learning and because of our wide repertoire of training forms, we can create the most effective training programs.

Learning transfer

Training in business creates value when desired behaviors are applied. Research shows that there’s no given link between knowing and doing. Simply put, to make good intentions a reality, you need support. Nothing happens by itself. By using world-leading theories and our extensive experience, we have managed to achieve 100% learning transfer in our training solutions.

How to create results

Success is created when improved behaviors give results. When we create your training program, we start from the end - from the desired results of the training - and move then to the design of the program. We can show and demonstrate, operate, and support, create and implement training programs that live up to your expectations.

Promote® – visible application

It's said that what gets measured gets done. Our own program support, Promote®, makes behaviors visible in a new, engaging and clear way. The effect is also clear. Promote® helps raise the level of learning transfer in connection with our training programs.

Mindset is the only training provider in Europe with consultants certified to a Kirkpatrick Gold Level

It’s a proof of our ongoing efforts to create new processes, tools and procedures that ensure the desired outcomes of education initiatives. We are very proud of this award since it confirms that our methodology solves the challenges that the education industry is facing worldwide.

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