New business models

When a business changes its strategy, new business models often need to be established. This often opens new opportunities and markets but also brings about risks and challenges.
Mindset trains leaders to build confidence in the new way of conducting business and adapt existing processes and structures to the new business model.


New business models

New business models require major investments

Customer relationships are tested and require more effort

Delayed deliveries test patience and liquidity


The impact of leadership, the market the rest


When an organization changes its strategy and introduces new business models, challenges arise in offerings, delivery channels, and customer interactions. This opens up new opportunities but also brings risks.


There is a risk of anxiety, mistrust, or misunderstandings among employees, suppliers, and customers. This can lead to delays, reduced quality, and customer complaints, among other issues. Overall, there is a risk of financial losses, and senior employees may need to spend more time managing external relationships.


Mindset customizes leadership training that develops clear communication, adapts collaborative structures, and creates a supportive environment where leaders can reduce risks and maximize benefits. Through this, new business models can be successfully implemented to promote growth and innovation.

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