Are you a new manager? Get some training.

Being a manager for the first time can be extremely exciting, but it can also be a real nail biter. Every new workplace brings new challenges and questions to be answered. So how can you best prepare yourself for a position as a new manager? The answer is easy: take the popular New as Manager course!

A friend of mine got a new job during the summer. This is a new role as a manager for the first time in her life, or at least at work. She has extensive experience as a team leader and is a mother of four, which also demands a great deal of leadership. But a managerial role is different. She was naturally very excited about this new challenge, but she was also feeling a lot of anxiety.

She had questions like: How will I do this? What kinds of challenges will I be faced with? What do I need to learn? These are important and relevant questions for her to be able to prepare for this new task in the best way.

The New as Manager training teaches you how to lead long-term

Being a manager means wanting to take responsibility, make decisions and get your group to move toward a common goal. As a manager, you’re visible, you become a role model and it’s what you do that counts. You have the opportunity to influence others, which is wonderful. But you are also the one being questioned when the goals aren’t met and the result isn’t in line with expectations. How can you handle the challenges and build up your leadership skills so that you succeed over the long-term? How can you learn to prioritize and structure your work and your time? What do you need to do to meet the goals that have been set?

This is exactly what my friend is now experiencing as she takes one of our most sought-after leadership courses, New as manager. In this leadership course, through classroom training, group exercises and discussions, we prepare our participants with the fundamentals in leadership. These concepts are invaluable when creating the right circumstances to succeed in this important role – and all that it encompasses – as a manager. The challenges throughout organizations and roles are more similar than you might think. Therefore, one of the benefits of taking the course, New as manager, with us at Mindset is that you also have the opportunity to network with others who have similar challenges. You are able to share thoughts and ideas with others in situations you are encountering, in a safe environment, with an experienced consultant – and receive professional leadership development that provides results.

The most appreciated learnings from New as manager course:

  • The course gives you a solid foundation on which to plan and move forward with your leadership. You get more understanding of the importance of doing things in the right order as a new manager. To listen deeply and get to know people and the culture before carving out the road ahead, starting the changes and beginning to lead full out.
  • You create your own action plan during the course. This aims to support your priorities, help you make conscious choices from your own and the group’s current situation and from what you believe will be the most valuable right now.
  • Making time for reflection so you can ask yourself: What is working well so far? What do I need to do more of? What hasn’t worked well – what’s the reason for that and what can I do about it? Update your action plan regularly during the course based on this reflection.
  • Leadership is important and in order to succeed, you must get others to perform, meaning it’s essential that you are clear. You get to build up your communication skills and conduct different types of discussions and meetings, which you will need to have with your employees. This is an excellent way to prepare yourself for these specific situations that will happen in your day-to-day work life.

Author: Nina Spegel


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Are you a new manager? Get some training.