How to succeed with Virtual Selling!

– 3 biggest hinders to overcome and how!

Do you find it challenging to change from face-to-face meeting to virtual sales meeting? Do you need guidance to stay on top of your game when you are going more digital? We are all adapting our ways of working due to the ongoing pandemic, having remotley meetings from home has been accepted. However, it is becoming our new normal, if you haven’t optimized your virtual meetings it is time to do so – to stay professional as well as be on top of the game.

After running trainings for the past 6 months for up to 500 people with participants form Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, we have identified the success factors for both leaders of sales organisations and sales people that need to adapted to the new normal. Following are the 3 biggest hinders I hear from clients and how to overcome them

1. Technical hinders

a. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth
b. Make sure you know your tools
c. Make sure you have good sound solutions, noise cancelling headphones made for use with computers
d. Test and practice until it works seamlessly

2. Customers don’t want to have the camera on

a. Clarify in your invite that you will have your camera on and why
b. Clarify in your invite that you want/expect that you customer should have their webcam on and why
c. Provide advice to your customer on how to prepare to avoid technical problems
d. Call them by phone for a quick coaching session on how to get set up

3. Virtual is not as good as visiting the customer at their office

a. Maybe not, but it is the next best thing
b. A well-run virtual meeting can match or even surpass the outcomes of physical meetings
c. The Pandemic has created an opportunity to find new ways to collaborate with customers and the future will include a more digital approach
d. Focus on shorter meetings, 40 minutes, high variation and interaction to keep engagement and interest

Author: Eric Odelfeldt

About Eric:
Eric’s main focus is the development of organizations with goals for profitable growth. Eric works together with Mindset’s clients, to develop and implement need-based initiatives for behavioural change and results.

Mindset can provide Virtual Selling for your team. The training is 4×3 hours virtual training during 4 weeks supported by our learning journey platform Promote®.


How to succeed with Virtual Selling!