Leadership training that has yielded results

Consistent and long-term leadership work pays off!

For 5 years we at Mindset have delivered leadership training to Peab. A journey where both parties have entered with great commitment and a clear target – Lead Peab. A common article in Veckans Affärer shows how important it is to invest in leadership for profitability.

“Such a large company as Peab does not become profitable without good leaders. They are the ones who set the tone for the entire workplace and ultimately also the customers’ experience” says Anders Berge, Head of people and organization at Peab.

A key to the fine result of leadership training is that Peab dared to invest in us at Mindset as a training provider to all levels of managers with a leadership set in the respective leadership level context based on the company’s values. If everyone speaks the same language then it allows for a deeper discussion and thus a greater understanding and for what lies behind the figures where one usually gets stuck in other cases.

The mind strives to work easily, every day and exercise-based. An important factor for creating the desired result of the education is to identify, target and train the behaviours that make a difference where they are to be applied – in the workplace. Part of the education is, of course, theoretical, it contains the knowledge of, for example, communicating consciously, leading individuals and groups based on conditions, managing frictions, change and business economics.

The focus of leadership training is to create systems to lead through a sustainable structure and thereby drive results, based on the strategy/business plan one is working towards within their company. Last but totally crucial, create and maintain a culture that people want to work within. If we know where we are going, have a strategy, how to get there, structure, then the culture for the last piece of the puzzle is the desire to do so. The good results that Peab has achieved by investing in leadership and working long-term and consistent with set goals are a more profitable business, more satisfied employees and customers. Perhaps this is the most difficult of all in the world we live in.


Leadership training that has yielded results