Mindset invites you to the breakfast seminar "To lead millennials"

Millennials – What are they, what do they want and how do we manage them at work? Are they a self-absorbed generation, only looking for confirmation? There is probably no generation that we have researched and discussed than Millenials. Are they so different from other generations?

What is really true? Who are they? What do they want? And above all, how do we manage them in the best way? Welcome to a seminar where we will have time to answer some of the questions mentioned.

Breakfast lecture 11 and 12 April 2018

We have invited Maj Sörensen Ringi to lecture on how we can lead the generation all talking about – millennials. How can you as leaders better understand and lead millennials? Why are they perceived to be narcissistic? What can organizations do to engage the generation? In combination with the lecture, you’ll also learn about Team.bio, a digital tool that will help you to deliver feedback to your employees.

First come first serve!


When: April 11

Time: 07.45-09.00

Where: Mindset Mäster Samuelsgatan 60, Stockholm


When: April 12

Time: 07.45-09.00

Where: Mindset, Storagatan 53, Gothenburg

The seminar is free and we offer a sandwich and coffee. Book your place here


Read more about the lecturer Maj Sörensen Ringi

Maj Sörensen During the past 6 months, Ringi has been a mentor to Knowit’s Group CEO. She has given her perspective, as young and woman, on leadership and the organization as a whole. Mai’s task has been to challenge him to see new perspectives and develop his leadership to meet her generation better. Leadership, culture and equality are examples of issues that they discussed.


Read more about Team.bio here


A digital tool for managers, designed by millennials.

Millennials is the generation that is expected to constitute 50% of all employees in the workplace in 2018. Foucauld Guerin is one of the founders of the tool that helps managers lead millennials in a new way. He will tell you more about the digital tool that you can use in his workgroups.


Do you think this is as interesting as we do? We want to tell you about two thoughtful youtube videos with Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace and Lindsey Pollak It’s About Time We Stop Shaming.


Mindset invites to breakfast lecture “To lead millennials”