Not all training creates success – Part 1

There’s an inaccurate understanding of what corporate training can do. Performance is built on behaviours and activities that create value.

There are quality training initiatives that form and support those behaviours, individuals, groups, processes and cultures that strengthen the organization. But there are also those training initiatives that don’t have the effect that they should. Instead, they create frustration and impatience as the training drains resources from the organization in the form of time, money, focus and productivity.


The difference between an effective training initiative and one that drains resources really lies in your perspective as a training purchaser: What does training mean for you, really? In what way should the training create value? And for whom?

Many people forget that training in of itself is not a solution.

Training is a method of increasing performance – of moving forward. And just as we do when we move between two places, we must begin at the end of the journey.  Where is it I’m going exactly? What is my goal?

When we know where we’re going, we can then start looking at the best way to get there.

  • What situations do I need to be able to handle?
  • Think about what good training needs to include and what methods would be best to use in order to reach the desired result.
    Do you read a book to get better at parallel parking? Would you complete an e-learning course to get better at salary negotiation?
  • Invest some time to find the training method and the tools/models that you need to better succeed – where it counts.
  • Decide how you will follow up and evaluate both the training and your own success. How do you ensure the quality? How do you know you’ve succeeded? Your goals and expectations set the standard.
  • Learn from the best – Who has already reached this goal? What can they share with you so that you can avoid the mistakes, but repeat the success?

Trainings based on these insights are lifting more and more individuals to new heights in organizations around the world.

The insights are: 
Training does not create value. You create value when you apply newly acquired skills & abilities.


Not all training creates success – Part 1