Project Management

Leadership in focus


Regardless of the project, project model or the organization, the goal of project management training is to provide the right conditions to plan, run and do follow up on a project. The participants learn what they need to set up a project using resources wisely while making sure that benefits to the organization come first.

Create projects that
are beneficial to your organization

We Define, Design,
and Measure

Mindset defines, designs, runs and measures project management trainings. Based on your goals and needs, we create unique trainings that improve your project management over time.

We train
by doing


In all of our courses, we train by doing. In our project management trainings, we go through a fictional case in which participants are able to set up and manage a project that includes the usual tasks, challenges and risks – all of this in a safe environment. Participants are presented with many of the questions that they eventually meet in their everyday life. With the help of our trainer, they are able to practice handling these in a professional manner.

As a project manager, you need to build stability and a well-functioning team. You need to lead the group and its individuals forward within the framework of the project’s scope. When someone is a leader in a non-managerial role, there are even higher demands on their own personal leadership. This is why we train the ability to communicate clearly, and give participants the tools they need to motivate and create a sense of cohesion within the project group.

"Good leadership and good communication are crucial when managing projects"

Maria Fagerberg Wolffram, Project Management Consultant at Mindset

Examples of
tailor-made trainings


  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Project Management Program
  • Project Management Professional Preparation Certification Program
  • Project Sponsor/Owner training
  • Advanced Project Sponsor/Owner training
  • Project knowledge for line managers
  • Project maturity


Mindset’s experience in leadership training in combination with our use of practical, real-life scenarios gives the participants what they need to create and run successful projects.

We analyze the organization’s needs and discuss the challenges that a project manager might face in all phases of the project. Beginning with our needs analysis, we then customize the training by using scenarios that support the actual work environment of the participants.

The training is built entirely on practice exercises and practical execution of project examples.

It works


Project Management