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  • “Tycker kursen Grundläggande projektledning har varit superbra. Kul med variation med diskussioner, det visuella, Promote, tavlan, boken, klistrandet. Mycket pedagogiskt! Kursen var långt över förväntan och utbildaren var förstklassig.”

    Paola Gandossi, Utbildningsproducent, Customer Academy på , om kursen Fundamentals of Project Management
  • “Perfect training for me! Great that we came from different businesses, it provided for many interesting discussions. Good and competent trainer and a stimulating learning facility.”

    Lars Mårtensson, Team Leader på Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, om kursen Leadership - Your Next Step as a Manager
  • “I've never before attended a course with this approach! It suited me perfectly and I was very pleasantly surprised. For me the approach of combining theory with practical application was the optimal mix. This meant that the knowledge really did stick.”

    Jessica Lehmann, Key Account Manager på Nomo Kullager, om kursen Negotiation Technique
  • “The Project Management Program as a whole has been good - the length, content, fun exercises and a good balance between theory and practice. The instructor had extensive knowledge of the subject and the time between the modules gave me the chance for reflection and practice in the workplace.”

    Nina Lann, Head of Department på Dina Försäkringar, om kursen Project Manager Program

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