Scania wished to improve its practical leadership program in a number of ways without changing the content or compromising on quality. The following were the desired results that served as the basis for the revised program:

Fewer training events

Higher level of satisfaction among participants and training buyers

Increased measureable quality after the revision/improvement

Same content as previous program

Managers away from production less

Increased overall efficiency of investment


Scania asked us to review their current leadership development program, (PRAL, practical leadership). The initial duration was 6 days per participant, spread over two training events. This was regarded as excessive. We managed to reduce the duration by 25 per cent and still increase results. Participants and managers became more focused on practical application and were more committed to their own workplace development.

Thanks to our visual program support, Promote®, we were able to increase the involvement of managers, reduce the duration of training events and better monitor practical application of new knowledge. Scania’s improved program has been recognized as a success internationally. It has become a model for demonstrating the powerful and positive impact that learning transfer has on an organization.