Conflict Management

Conflicts tend to steal more energy than it gives. At work it might lead to reduced motivation or worst case total failure of a project. A conflict that has been taken care of can contribute to personal and organizational growth. Instead of stealing energy the conflict gives reorientation and drive.


Course Description

In conflict management training we go through various theories of conflict and provide you with tools that will give you an understanding of the causes that may underlie a conflict. Through various hands-on exercises, you will learn how to prevent and manage conflicts.


Please note that the course is held in English, however, the course material is in Swedish.


From the contents

  • What is a conflict?
  • Can all conflicts be solved?
  • Conflict management styles
  • Prevent conflicts from growing and handle conflicts by good communication and feedback
  • Trialogue, mediation talks, practical training
  • ” The psychosocial work environment”
  • How do you act in a conflict situation? What is your preferred behaviour, find out what it means



After the course, you will have increased knowledge and understanding of what a conflict is, how to prevent a conflict arising, and how to manage a conflict once it has occurred.


For whom

The course is aimed at you as a manager, team manager, project manager in need of knowledge, skills and tools to enable an objective and constructive way to handle conflicts.


Pre-Requisite Learning

No previous knowledge is necessary.


Price includes:


  • 1 day of training in the class room with the support of Mindset’s learning platform Promote®
  • Support from Mindset’s trainers during the training period
  • Preparatory coach training
  • Course material
  • Conference package including meals