Conditions and situations change. Whether you or an external factor initiates the change, it is your ability to handle the change that influences the success of your business operations. Acquisitions, restructuring, shut-downs, fluctuations in the state of the market – changes appear in many different forms. However, they all have one thing in common – we can no longer do what we did before. To succeed, it is crucial that you accept that change is a normal state. Through knowledge and understanding, you can drive the change process so that it moves in the direction you want.

Course Description
This course gives you an intensive two days of change methodology. Using knowledge and understanding of the individual’s and organization’s reactions toward change as a foundation, you learn to concretely lead change and to create success in its process.

Course Goals
After the course, you have an increased ability to plan, organize and conduct change efforts toward set goals. Through relevant theory, you have gotten an understanding of the individual’s and organization’s reactions toward change. With this understanding, you now have knowledge of how to directly apply concrete tools and measures in the different stages of the change process.

Who should attend
The course is aimed at those who are, for example, managers in the organization, project managers or individuals who have been specifically appointed as change leaders and who want to learn to drive change.

Course Content

  • Change as a phenomenon – what is it?
  • The importance of visions and how we create these
  • The individual in change; the basis of the organization’s reaction
  • Giving information about difficult decisions and handling reactions
  • The organization’s reaction to change – what phases can I expect?
  • One step ahead – planning the change that you want
  • Timing issues and where I should put my focus as a leader of change
  • Leading change – practical actions to take in the change process

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