Does your message hit home or does your audience go home? Being able to clearly and convincingly present an idea or concept to an audience is a powerful skill. It is your task as presenter to make sure the message gets across. To be nervous is completely natural. This training will help you transform this nervousness into something that works to your advantage.

Course Description
Over two days we will focus on your ability to communicate and sell your message. Theory will alternate with practical exercises of increasing difficulty. You will prepare and make short presentations. The training will give you hands-on tips and advice about how to keep your listeners attentive and inspired. You will learn how to create a dialogue with your participants and maintain interest in your presentation as well as how to make use of technical aids. The emphasis will be on your own performance.

Course Goals
Once the training is over, you will be much better at speaking in front of an audience. You will know how to plan, structure and make your presentation so that people see you as skilled and professional. You will master the art of communicating your message in a clear, stimulating and effective manner. You will feel secure in your role as a speaker, allowing you to exude tranquillity through relaxed body language. You will have greater self-confidence when standing in front of an audience.

Who should attend
The course is aimed at all those that make any kind of verbal presentation in their daily work, whether lecturing, reporting or simply contributing at a meeting.

Course Content

  • How to communicate your message
  • Planning methods
  • Preparing for a presentation
  • Managing nervousness
  • Activating the group
  • Making contact with the audience
  • How an audience member receives your message
  • Technical aids for presentations
  • Practical exercises and feedback
  • Dealing with troublesome participants
  • Using Manuscripts as a tool and source of support
  • Awareness of your body language

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