Understanding Group and Leader (UGL)

UGL provides training in how a group develops and matures over time, what happens in the group during the course of this development, and what behaviors or actions promote or inhibit constructive development. Within UGL, this is referred to as group dynamics. The course also deals with the problems and possibilities of leadership related to the development of the group´s maturity and with what style of leadership will promote both task solving and group development.

Course Description

The course is built upon the concept of experience-based learning in which the teaching of theories is accompanied by exercises, reflection, and discussion. Through evaluation and feedback, participants are made aware of the effect they have on other individuals and on the group in its entirety. The purpose is to make participants more effective, both as leaders and individuals, in their groups. Participants gain a deeper insight into how they act and are influenced, in different situations, and how they are perceived by others.

Course Goals

After participating, you will have gained greater insight into your own personality. You have learned to identify and handle conflict, and you will have at your disposal a learning model. You will have increased your ability to communicate directly as well as to give and receive effective feedback. You will also have increased your ability to recognize different phases of a group´s development.

For whom

The course is intended for those who want to gain a unique insight into and understanding of the group´s functions and how you can steer and use them.

Course content

This is an intensive course that includes four overnight stays, food, and lodging. Each group consists of 8 to 12 people and two certified UGL facilitators who create activities that are suitable for the group. The course demands 100% attendance and evening work which is planned for every evening of the course. The groups are formed so that members do not know one another and so there is a mix of men and women from different areas of operation. This provides the individual the freedom to develop in a new environment without prejudices. Because the course can be intense, you should be in stable mental health.

Price includes

  • Course material
  • Overnight accomodations and meals