Ambea is Scandinavia’s leading care company with 31,000 employees creating a good life for care recipients in 950 units.


Proactive leadership supports the business in achieving strategic objectives.


Ambea is a group of companies built on the acquisition of businesses in housing, support, education and staffing for health and social care. They needed to build a leadership that, anchored in values and strategy, carries the company's vision.

There is always a challenge in building a common culture in companies that grow largely through acquisitions. To create business value in an organization that works exclusively in care, there is a strong focus on the breakdown and impact of the business from a behavioral perspective.

The business need for the ability to manage daily challenges and developments at local level is broken down and transformed into a proactive leadership that supports business leaders in activities linked to overall strategic objectives. The programs run for 12 months with components in business acumen, leadership, communication and driving business activities linked to strategic goals.

Regular summaries are conducted with Group Management, which creates insights and opportunities to make the right decisions in time for the development of the business, paving the way for development linked to business needs.

Together with Mindset, Ambea was awarded the GOLD award in Best Advance in Leadership Development by Brandon Hall.

Facts about the solution

  • Increased client satisfaction and shared leadership for more effective mergers.
  • Increased mandate and decision-making power
  • Increased business understanding for better business
  • Reduced managerial turnover and a higher leadership index
  • Desired leadership behaviors were established in line with the strategy.
  • The programs are implemented in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

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