About us

Our passion is to make a difference

Continuous success for our customers

We created Mindset to make a difference. We challenge an education industry where courses of questionable value for individuals and organizations are often conducted. In collaboration with internationally renowned researchers, we have developed solutions to the challenge that has puzzled businesses for over a hundred years – how educational efforts lead to desired outcomes.

We believe in harnessing the power of organizations through adaptability and collaboration in an ever-changing environment. Leadership development is among the most complex and value-generating endeavors, so we believe it’s worth investing both time and effort to get it right. Our concepts are used by hundreds of companies in over 30 countries to create lasting results.

We provide advice and guidance based on practical experience and evidence-based foundations. We create leadership training programs that make a difference.

We bring out the power in organizations

Mindset has the capacity to train leaders and employees on a large scale and measurably establish desired behaviors that make a difference every day. Our leadership training programs enhance leadership within organizations, ensuring that strategies are effectively implemented and employees have the right conditions to succeed.

Evidence based methodology

Mindset’s methodology and approach are based on close collaboration with several internationally renowned researchers such as Donald Kirkpatrick, Kevin Ford, and Robert Brinkerhoff, whose extensive and evidence-based research ensures that our leadership development efforts achieve the desired results.

Our process

In our process, we collaboratively create a clear business connection, resulting in higher engagement and measurable success. Participants influence their business outcomes 5-6 times more than in traditional leadership development programs. Mindset is involved throughout the entire process, from defining, designing, implementing interventions, to measuring effectiveness.


Continuous success for our clients.


We aim to demonstrate that quality education leads to lasting results. We will improve the world, organization by organization, person by person.

Business Idea

Mindset empowers large organizations and individuals through high-quality, practical, and impact-driven leadership training.


Mindset’s core values are the foundation of our success and our relationships with customers and employees. The five core values that guide our operations and approach are:

Courage | Responsibility | Willingness | Drive | Care

Mindset Group - A company group with extensive expertise

Mindset Group consists of a number of companies that have one thing in common: To help organizations unlock the potential of their operations through impact-driven initiatives that lead to desired behavior changes and measurable results.

Mindset – leadership development that fosters lasting behavior change

Promote – a learning and development platform

Induction – onboarding for employees and managers

Avidity – software development of infrastructure, applications, and features

MDI – local presence with leadership and sales trainers in 21 countries

PMIdeas – develops world-class project managers