Our process

Effective leadership training is rarer than you think!

Mindset tailors leadership training to achieve specific business objectives. In our process, we collaboratively create a clear connection to the business for the initiative, leading to higher engagement and measurable success. Participants in our leadership training impact their business results 5-6 times more than those in traditional leadership development programs.

3 areas we combine for success at scale

What sets us apart?


Strong culture with highly engaged people that focus on continuous success for our clients

Full-time employees ensure long-term accountability and quality

Experienced in soft skill development to leverage on best practice and avoid pitfalls


Evidence-based approach with Award Winning ways of working.

Built on 40+ years of research with best-in-class impact evaluation models

Expertise in forging programs for desired impact and large-scale implementations


Powered by Promote®

We utilize modern SaaS technology with an evidence-based methodology that drives desired business outcomes.

Our training programs support virtual, hybrid, and face-to-face solutions.

The combinations are powerful

Experienced people that makes good use of great Technology

We are experts in training design and know how to tailor learning journeys to create sustainable behavioral impact. We use technology to adopt both the tools and the inducements to drive Leadership Development aligned with your business goals.

Ways of working to manage delivery at Scale

The logistics are as important as the delivery of a session. A participant’s personal experience of a program will relate to clarity in invitations and support when they need it. We are highly experienced in supporting and administrating a multitude of simultaneously run programs. We manage your programs to drive progress, collect data for reports, evaluate and analyze results, and suggest ongoing improvements.

Processes and Awards

Behavioral change for desired business impact is our core, we focus on training for application and to involve and engage managers. We have a proven track record and ability to demonstrate how we drive real behavioral change to generate business results.

Promote® - a Game Changer

Learning on its own is not powerful enough to affect performance.

The Promote learning platform

Promote is the digital learning platform that ties together and drives all the elements needed to create effective learning journeys.

The process from learning to performance needs support to be successful. On average, only one out of six derives value from training.

Training is foundational, but putting it into practice requires additional support. Promote is designed to drive value from training efforts.

The Promote learning platform

Our 7-step process looks like this

We ensure that leaders work in line with your strategy to create the desired business results.

Steg 1 av 7

Measurable results enable continuous improvements and create engagement

Mindset's leadership development program delivers 5 times the impact compared to other training programs.


Of leaders improve their business outcomes


Of leaders report sustainable performance over time


Increased employee engagement


Mindset’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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