Transformation involves a fundamental change in the business’s strategy, processes, and culture to address opportunities or challenges.
Mindset trains leaders to drive transformation by engaging all levels of the organization, actively managing friction, monitoring progress, and adjusting approaches based on internal and external feedback.




Of transformations fail


Of transformations, the timeframe does not hold


Cost increase


The impact of leadership


Transforming a business is a complex task that brings many challenges and risks. Weak or unprepared leadership is the most significant contributing factor to failed transformation initiatives. Resistance within the organization is rooted in the habit of following established work methods, where new ways of working and strategies lead to uncertainty and reduced engagement among both leaders and employees.


Most transformations, therefore, experience delays, decreased productivity, increased costs, and, in the worst case, talent drain. Despite the risks and costs, the alternative – not to transform – is often associated with even worse consequences.


Mindset conducts customized leadership development programs that cultivate engaged and effective leadership, which accelerates the pace of change and guides the organization in transformation. There, capabilities for alignment, collaboration, and change management contribute to success.

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