Establish desired ways of working

When new work methods need to be introduced, for instance, to meet new customer demands, business models, or management conditions, leaders play a pivotal role.
Mindset trains leaders to engage employees in the purpose and value of the new work methods, encourage ownership of processes, include employees, and eliminate obstacles.


Establish changes in working practices


Establishing ways of working takes more time than expected


Costs more than budgeted


Increased inefficiency during establishment


The impact of leadership


The establishment of new working methods tends to take more time and cost more money than expected. New roles need to be established, and old patterns need to be broken.


There is a looming risk that productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction will be adversely affected. As the establishment process drags on, costs also increase.


Research shows that a leader’s ability in communication, flexibility, commitment, holistic perspective, and resistance management directly impacts a successful implementation.

Mindset’s leadership training offers proven solutions that support both leaders and employees in overcoming obstacles and minimizing the risks associated with the establishment of new working methods.”

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