Online training
Client: CEVT: An innovation centre for the Geely Group
Training: Fundamental Leadership for Non Managers 13 participants (March 2020)
Trainer: Maria Fagerberg

Fundamental Leadership for Non Managers

Testimonials What worked well with the digital training?

”Having a live video with the trainer was appreciated. Dividing people into groups randomly also worked well”

Theory segment work as good as in person, don’t think there is any difference in there.”

”The trainer handeled the presentations very well and gave clear information in a logig way.”

”I could do it from my home and I felt more relaxed with it”

Have your knowledge increased through the training? 100% of the participants said yes!

8 out of 10 liked the training and 100% would recommend the training to a colleague

”A very good way of solving the Corona situation”

”Very good training! Teacher had good knowledge in leadership training and could also give good answers to other than direct questions from the training material. Super good first experience of digital training for me.”


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